Tim Allen Was Cut From “Lightyear” for Political Reasons, Fox News Host Says

Tim Allen Was Cut From

Here’s The REAL Reason Tim Allen Was Cut From New “Lightyear” Movie

(TargetLiberty.org) – Disney upset many of its fans when it dropped actor Tim Allen from the movie “Lightyear.” Allen has been the voice of the popular character Buzz Lightyear for almost 30 years, so why did Disney choose someone else for the role in its new movie? A conservative journalist claims it’s because Allen is a Republican.

Since 1995, Tim Allen has played the wacky cartoon space ranger in four Toy Story movies, two spinoff movies, video games, and short features — a total of 17 different projects. However, for the 18th Buzz Lightyear project, Disney decided they weren’t going to hire Allen; to the disappointment of Buzz’s fans, Chris Evans got the job instead.

Disney says the Buzz character in “Lightyear” isn’t the same as the one in the Toy Story movies; it’s the “real” character the toy is based on. Because of that, says Disney, this version of Buzz should have a different voice. It would be a convincing argument if the “real” Buzz hadn’t already featured in the two Star Command spinoffs — where he was voiced by Allen.

Last week, “Fox & Friends” host Rachel Campos-Duffy and her husband, former GOP congressman Sean Duffy, came up with a different explanation — the fact that Disney is notoriously woke and Allen is an open Republican. Duffy said fans want Buzz to have the same familiar voice, and accused Disney of looking for an excuse for why they’re “canceling Tim Allen.”

Meanwhile, “Lightyear” is struggling at the box office. Moderate takings of $20.7 million on its June 17 opening turned out to be the high point, and sales have been falling ever since. Is it because it includes a gay kiss, or is it because kids want Lightyear to have a voice they recognize?

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