This “Sleeper” Candidate Could Impact the Midterms!

Sleeper Candidate Might Signal Red Wave

Sleeper Candidate Might Signal Red Wave

( – How will Congress look after the midterm elections? That’s the question exciting journalists — and terrifying the Democrats — as we move closer to Nov 8. Will there be a red wave, or will the Roe v. Wade ruling and a slight fall in gas prices save President Joe Biden’s legislative program? The smart money has swung from predictions of a red wave, to a Democrat resurgence. However, with only days to go, a red wave is looking more likely again.

One of the key House races is in Connecticut’s 5th Congressional District. GOP challenger George Logan is trying to unseat Representative Jahana Hayes (D-CT), and if he succeeds, that could signal a strong Republican performance nationally. The district has been blue since 2007, but the Republicans have been spending money on Logan’s campaign. If he succeeds, it proves even firmly Democrat seats are vulnerable.

The latest poll, released on October 27, shows Logan with a slim lead over Hayes. So far, he’s only 1% ahead, well within the poll’s 4.3% margin of error, but any Republican lead at all is unexpected.

Why is Logan doing so well? Almost half of the district voters say the economy is the biggest issue right now, and we can all see how badly the Biden Administration is doing at controlling inflation. If voters across the country feel the same way — and they probably do — the GOP could be in for a very pleasant surprise on November 9.

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