Think Tank Argues US Is Not Prepared to Face Threats

Think Tank Argues US Is Not Prepared to Face Threats

( – The US military budget is the largest in the world by a huge margin – but are we spending that money on the right systems? A new report says, despite all our advanced weapons, we could be seriously vulnerable to emerging threats.

According to the Heritage Foundation’s latest analysis of US military strength, we’re “likely capable” of coping with a single major regional conflict – but “certainly would be ill-equipped” to handle two conflicts at once.

We have two near-peer potential opponents – Russia and China – and those two are poised to cooperate more closely as US leadership continues to deteriorate. That means there’s a serious risk of the US being outmatched if Moscow and Beijing move against the US at the same time. According to the Heritage Foundation, we no longer have the strength to defeat them both.

Innovative new weapons are one part of the problem – Russia’s Mach-27 Avangard nuclear missile and China’s DF-17 hypersonic glide vehicle have no US equivalents or countermeasures. Additionally, the lack of overall military preparedness is also a major issue. The Heritage report rates each branch of our armed forces by capability. The Air Force and Space Force are rated as “weak,” while the Army and Navy scrape a “marginal.” Only the Marine Corps is still graded “strong.”

Can the increasingly woke Pentagon turn things around, or are we losing our edge for good?

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