The Reality of Red Flag Laws and Civil War

The Reality of Red Flag Laws and Civil War

In the wake of multiple mass shootings across the country, some states have resorted to circumventing due process in order to keep people “safe.” Instead, they are playing out the exact scenario the Founding Fathers had hoped to prevent when they passed the Second Amendment of the Constitution. It looks as if this situation can only turn out badly if things continue as they are.

Red Flag Laws

The laws at the center of this violation of freedoms are called “red flag” laws. Since the 2018 Parkland, FL school massacre, 17 states have adopted these laws.

Essentially, the legislation allows law enforcement to confiscate the guns of people they believe are threats. In theory, the laws seem like a great idea, even President Trump has called for them. In practice, they’re terrible.

So far, there is no data to support that these laws prevent murders from occurring. It’s undeniable, however, that they’re ripping inalienable rights away from law-abiding citizens. A school crossing guard, for example, lost his job and had his guns confiscated after someone misrepresented a comment he made.

So, now that the governments of 17 states have decided that they have the right to confiscate guns, what’s next?

Tyranny in America

Imagine this potential reality:

All 50 states have passed “red flag” laws, and police departments are seizing guns left and right. A civil war has erupted, but the populace is now largely unarmed. They have no way to protect themselves from the oppressive government and are now being forced to give up other rights.

President Trump is no longer occupying the White House and the next president decides to enforce eminent domain laws to take our land. This president doesn’t believe that people should own their property. Instead, he’s going to “redistribute” it but maintain ownership.

Congress raises taxes and now you can keep very little money and you’ve been forced to use government-run health insurance. Your mother just died because she wasn’t allowed to have an operation she needed to save her life.

Sound crazy to you? It’s not.

The Founding Fathers’ Worst Nightmare

There’s a reason the Founders added the Second Amendment to the Constitution. They saw first hand what happens when a government becomes too powerful and no longer serves the people. The right to bear arms is meant to prevent that from happening.

That’s what makes “red flag” laws so dangerous. They are designed in a way to quietly strip people of their rights. If we allow them to spread, our democracy is in grave danger.

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