The Left’s Latest Attack on Faith

The Left's Latest Attack on Faith

( – Former UN Ambassador Susan Rice stomped on religious freedom during an interview that turned into an unprovoked attack on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

Rice, who also served as White House National Security Advisor under Barack Obama, launched her assault during an August 25 interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

The two discussed Secretary Pompeo’s speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention when Rice interjected her belief that it was “problematic” that Pompeo was “overtly religious” in his approach to serving as secretary of state.

Continuing, she stated he should “represent all of America” to include all of its religions.

The New York Times launched a similar attack on Sec. Pompeo in 2019, when it published an article questioning the influence of “evangelical beliefs” on American diplomacy in response to a Christian Broadcasting Network with the Secretary.

Freedom of speech and religion are vital components of American democracy, and attacks against religious freedom by public officials and the mainstream media undermine personal liberties and are by their nature — un-American!

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