The Biden Border Crisis Is Crippling the Nation Hard

The Biden Border Crisis Is Crippling the Nation Hard

New Federal “Side Effect” Could Impact Everyone

( – A Republican senator has warned us the Biden administration’s failures on immigration are seriously harming the country. It’s not just the scale of illegal immigration that’s a problem, he said. The link between open borders and illegal drugs is a real concern.

On April 26, Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) spoke to Fox News about the ongoing crisis at our southern border. Portman warned that huge numbers of illegal immigrants are entering the US, and only around half are ever being sent back to where they came from. He said last year a million illegals were allowed in, and this year “we’re on track to have about 2 million people.”

Obviously, immigration on this scale is a strain on our communities and public services, but Portman pointed out a much deadlier problem — illicit drugs. He said the most dangerous illegal drugs, especially fentanyl, are flooding in through Biden’s weak border security, causing an epidemic of overdose deaths. Most of those overdoses are caused by fentanyl, which is manufactured by Mexican drug cartels and infiltrated into the US along the same routes used by human traffickers.

Often it’s actually carried by migrants; last week, a Texas National Guardsman drowned trying to assist two illegals, who later turned out to be trafficking drugs. Stopping the flood of fentanyl killing record numbers of Americans also means stopping illegal immigration. The question is, does the Biden administration have the will to do it?

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