The #1 Reason Biden’s Admin Is Failing at the Border

The #1 Reason Biden's Admin Is Failing at the Border

( – The US-Mexican border has been in disarray since President Joe Biden entered the Oval Office in January. Border Patrol has encountered nearly 2 million immigrants in fiscal 2021 with arrests at an all-time high. Recent reports indicate it isn’t just the president’s lax policies causing the problems.

According to a Wall Street Journal (WSJ) exclusive, dozens of current and former high-level officials within the Biden administration have said there are rifts over what direction immigration policy should take. The people who helped the president shape his campaign messages, who are now in positions within Homeland Security and the White House, don’t believe deterrent policies work. Instead, they want to overhaul the asylum system to make it easier and faster.

Other advisers and officials want Biden to use deterrence policies to stop migrants from pouring into America, partly by putting pressure on Mexico.

Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) pointed out the Biden administration often promotes messages that don’t make any sense highlighting the problems within the president’s team.

Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of the border situation in March. Since then, the rumor mill has been buzzing with reports her team was mad at the president for putting her in charge of a losing issue. Meanwhile, the president and his team continue to insist everything is fine.

The American people have no idea what’s going on with border policy, but what’s clear is the current strategy, whatever it is, isn’t working.

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