Texas Judge Gives Far-Left Liberals Exactly What They Want

Photo by Berta Ferrer on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – Texas State Judge Maya Guerra Gamble has rejected a new law that would restrict the ability of cities to create their own law, arguing that the law was unconstitutional.

House Bill 2127, which has been dubbed “Death Star Bill” by its opposition, would block cities from passing any local laws without receiving state authorization. This would affect a number of big policy areas, including worker protections and minimum wages. Prior to being blocked, the measure was going to begin being enforced on Friday.

The law was challenged by El Paso, Houston, and San Antonio, with the three cities arguing that it was far too broad and vague. They further noted that it went against the state constitution which allows cities “the full power of self-government.”

Gamble in her ruling agreed with this point arguing that the bill was unconstitutional. This ruling was celebrated by the Democrats and the cities who have claimed that the law was an attempt from the state to block more progressive cities from implementing their own policies.

Sylvester Turner, the Democratic Mayor of Huston in a statement noted that the bill was a “power grab” and an attempt to intrude into the powers granted to cities by the Texas constitution home rule. She added that this bill was an attempt to “mire large cities like Houston in endless litigation” which was going to hurt both taxpayers and businesses as they tried to determine what the bill meant.

The measure had been passed with the support of Republican lawmakers and was part of the Texas Legislature to limit the city’s authorities and target Democratic-run cities.

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