Texas House Finally Passes Critical Voter Legislation

Texas House Finally Passes Critical Voter Legislation

(TargetLiberty.org) – Efforts to pass an election security measure have been held up in Texas for months. State Democratic lawmakers even fled to Washington, DC in July to prevent the bill from passing. After months of obstruction, the GOP has finally won the battle.

On August 26, the Texas House passed SB1, a bill that will strengthen voting. The legislation will add new criminal penalties to the voting process and impose new ID requirements on those who want to vote by mail. Drive-through and 24-hour voting options will also no longer be available.

Democrats decried the legislation as voter suppression. The GOP has maintained it makes it easier to vote, but harder to cheat. The author of the bill, state Rep. Andrew Murr (R), spoke at the beginning of the floor debate, saying SB1 is a continuation of the state’s efforts to update voting policy when needed.

The legislation passed 79-37, along party lines. The bill faced a final vote on Friday and will soon face a vote in the Senate, which has already passed a similar version. Once the two chambers agree on the same version, it will head to Governor Greg Abbott’s (R) desk. He has said he expects to sign it in early September.

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