Texas Cop Killed At Southern Border

Photo by Scott Rodgerson on Unsplash

(TargetLiberty.org) – A tragic incident unfolded in San Benito, Texas, when a veteran police officer lost his life during a high-speed chase involving two individuals, one of whom originated from Mexico. This intense pursuit began with a routine traffic stop and escalated into a deadly confrontation that spanned multiple cities along Texas’ southern frontier.

Chief Mario Perea of the San Benito Police Department confirmed the unfortunate demise of Lt. Milton Resendez, who suffered a fatal gunshot wound to the stomach during the chase. The shot, tragically bypassing his protective vest, penetrated the door of his vehicle, leading to injuries that proved fatal at a local medical facility.

Described by Chief Perea as a universally respected officer with three decades of service, Lt. Resendez’s passing deeply affected the department and community. The pursuit of justice is underway with Cameron County’s District Attorney, Luis Saenz, pressing significant charges against the two suspects: Rogelio Martinez Jr., 18, from Brownsville, and Rodrigo Axel Espinosa Valdez, 23, from Mexico. The charges include capital murder and other serious offenses, while questions surrounding Valdez’s legal status in the U.S. remain unanswered, with ICE yet to provide insights.

The chain of events initiated around 4:30 p.m. on a Tuesday when officers intercepted a speeding truck on South Padre Island’s beach, occupied by four adults and two children. A tense scenario ensued as one occupant unexpectedly restarted the vehicle, leading to a frenzied escape attempt and subsequent exchange of gunfire in Brownsville. Although initially evasive, the suspects’ vehicle was eventually disabled, and after a prolonged six-hour chase, the authorities located them in a different vehicle. The ensuing pursuit culminated in San Benito, marking the tragic end for Lt. Resendez. The apprehension of the suspects followed in Brownsville after their vehicle was immobilized and escape thwarted.

While details of who fired the fatal shot and the total gunfire exchanged remain under investigation, the San Benito community mourns the loss of a dedicated officer described by Chief Perea as more than a colleague – a family member. The incident sparked widespread reaction, including from former Rep. Mayra Nohemi Flores, R-Tex., who expressed outrage on the social network X, the platform previously known as Twitter. She highlighted the perils of border-related violence, emphasizing the continuous threat to American lives.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott conveyed profound condolences, affirming that Texans statewide were mourning alongside Lt. Resendez’s family and friends. With the investigation actively ongoing, the Texas Rangers are meticulously piecing together the events of this fateful encounter.

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