Texas City Finally Puts an End to Abortions

Abortion Sanctuary City Finally Puts an End to Abortions

(TargetLiberty.org) – A new “sanctuary” law has helped end abortion in a Texas city. Planned Parenthood announced this week that it’s closing down the abortion service at one of its clinics after local residents voted solidly to outlaw the procedure.

On June 1 a new ordinance went into effect, making Lubbock, TX a sanctuary city for the unborn. The law, which was passed on a 62-38% vote by Lubbock residents, outlaws abortion within the city unless the mother’s life is in danger – and it also allows the unborn child’s relatives to sue anyone who helps pregnant women access abortion services. Planned Parenthood filed a lawsuit to block the ordinance, but on Tuesday a judge ruled it does not have the standing to sue the city over the ordinance.

Planned Parenthood announced Tuesday that it will comply with the ordinance and provide abortions “where legally possible” – but in the case of Lubbock, that’s 300 miles away in Fort Worth. A big chunk of Texas just got a lot safer for the unborn.

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