Texas Bans Political Censorship on Social Media

Texas Bans Political Censorship on Social Media

(TargetLiberty.org) – In January of this year, several major social media platforms banned then-President Donald Trump. The move caused outrage from Conservatives who already felt as though Big Tech was unfairly targeting them. The fight over whether the companies have the right to enforce their terms of service is now heating up in Texas.

On September 9, Governor Greg Abbott (R) signed House Bill 20 into law. The legislation prohibits social media companies from banning people based on their political beliefs. Platforms “with more than 50 million monthly users” are required to implement an appeals process and “to disclose their content moderation policies.” The companies must also now remove illegal content within 48 hours.

Governor Abbott explained that social media is the “modern-day public square.” When the companies censor users, they’re essentially silencing them. He said that he “will always defend the freedom of speech in Texas.”

The First Amendment prohibits the government from censoring speech. However, it doesn’t prevent private companies from doing the same. When social media users sign up to join websites, they agree to follow the rules on the platform. The question now is whether these companies are so big and powerful that they should not be allowed to unilaterally decide what Americans post.

Abbott’s new law is the latest attempt by Republicans to fight back against social media censorship.

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