Terrorists Act Freely After Biden’s Failed Afghanistan Withdrawal

Terrorists Act Freely After Biden's Failed Afghanistan Withdrawal

Al-Qaeda Is Back With Full Force — The Taliban Is Behind Them

(TargetLiberty.org) – The chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan last summer was one of the most disappointing failures of the Biden administration. Not only has the event completely humiliated US leadership, becoming a tainted stain in US history, but it has also put at risk the country’s overall national security.

Last month, the UN released a new report on the current situation in Afghanistan, which has now been back under Taliban rule for nine months. The report reveals that once again,  Islamic terrorist groups are free to operate in Afghanistan. The Islamic State is active in the country, and while ISIS and the Taliban are enemies, the withdrawal of US and NATO forces has allowed it to increase its attacks. Al-Qaeda — which has been allied with the Taliban since the mid-1990s — is operating with “increased freedom of movement” in Afghanistan and has renewed its collaboration with the new regime. The most powerful and influential terrorist group in the country is the Haqqani Network, which, again, has been a long-term ally of the Taliban.

The report warns that al-Qaeda is “pleased with developments” and is taking the opportunity to recruit and seek new funding. Although it’s unlikely to do anything to embarrass the Taliban in the short term, the group remains openly committed to global jihad — and the US is still its primary target.

One of our most dangerous enemies is back in business, all because our government dropped the ball in Afghanistan.

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