Ted Cruz Makes Surprise Endorsement in Important Race

Ted Cruz Makes Surprise Endorsement In Important Race

(TargetLiberty.org) – Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has stepped into Virginia’s gubernatorial race with a powerful endorsement of a GOP hopeful. The influential senator’s intervention could put Glenn Youngkin on course to win the party’s nomination this Saturday.

In a video released May 2, Cruz – who has known Youngkin for years – urged Republicans to give the successful financier their votes at Saturday’s convention. With a record-setting 54,000 Virginia Republicans signed up to vote, and 6 other high-profile candidates vying for the nomination, it looks like it will be a hard-fought contest. Cruz’s endorsement could give Youngkin just the boost he needs to take the prize.

Youngkin responded to the endorsement, calling Cruz “a true conservative champion” and said it was an honor to have his support. He went on to say he was running “the most dynamic grassroots campaign” the state has ever seen.

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