Ted Cruz Claims There’s No Chance Biden Will Run in 2024

Ted Cruz Claims There's No Chance Biden Will Run in 2024

2024 Announcement? Ted Cruz Makes BOMBSHELL Revelation

(TargetLiberty.org) – Democrats are fast losing enthusiasm for a 2024 Biden reelection campaign. The president himself seems determined to try for a second term, but he’s becoming increasingly isolated. Now, a Republican senator says there’s “zero possibility” he’ll run again.

Talking to Fox News on August 23, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) didn’t pull any punches as he delivered a searing condemnation of the Biden Administration. Cruz covered many topics, including “absolute chaos” on the border with Mexico, the impact of massive federal spending on inflation, and the raid on former president Donald Trump’s home by a “politicized and weaponized” FBI.

He discussed the ongoing scandal of Hunter Biden’s “flagrantly criminal” behavior and the Republicans’ chances of regaining control of Congress in November,  “north of 90%” for the House and a still respectable 60% for the Senate, but some of his strongest words were aimed at President Biden himself.

Saying that Biden’s age and mental impairment are now too obvious to ignore, Cruz said the president can’t do his job now and isn’t going to run again. He predicted a “big, vigorous” 2024 Democratic primary, and said potential candidates are already sniping at each other in an attempt to build an early advantage. It looks like the only person who still believes Biden will run in 2024 is Biden himself, and he doesn’t have a great track record of being right.

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