Technical Issues Reported In Georgia Runoff Election

( – It looks like nothing has been learned from November’s farcical election. A Georgia county is now rescanning tens of thousands of ballots from the January 5 runoffs because of “technical issues.”

Early Wednesday morning, after stopping the count for two hours, officials in DeKalb County, GA, announced they were having to manually rescan 19,000 advance ballots because of a memory card issue. Hours later, the mainstream media declared victory for Democrat challenger Jon Ossoff, by a margin of 35,000 votes – just inside the 38,000 shift that would be achieved if those 19,000 votes were rescanned “creatively.”

DeKalb is no stranger to electoral controversy. After November’s presidential vote, county officials fired an election manager who had “blatantly disregarded” the rules of accounting and recording for ballots. In 2020, and this year, the county has been one of the bluest in Georgia, with an 8% swing since 2016 – nearly three times the national average. Some may wonder if its procedural and technical issues have something to do with it.

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