Tech Giant Adds the Most Incredible “Woke” Upgrade You’ve Heard Yet

Tech Giant Adds the Most Incredible

( – Woke ideology has reached a new high tide mark of ridiculousness after Apple added politically correct emojis to the latest version of its phone operating system. If you update your iPhone, you’ll find it infested with emojis that make no sense at all. They’re already attracting ridicule – but is there a sinister plan behind them?

In mid-March, Apple released an updated version of iOS, the software that runs iPhones and iPads. The new Version 15.4 includes 37 new emojis, and several of them push woke ideas; for example, there’s a gender-neutral “person with crown” to go with the existing “king” and “queen” icons. Most absurd of all, though, is a “pregnant man” emoji.

In fact the new emojis were released in January, but they were optional; now everybody who wants to keep their iPhone up to date will get them, whether they want them or not. Needless to say, not everyone does. In February, Fox News host Greg Gutfield decided to have some fun with them, misidentifying the “pregnant man” as a man with another reason for his bump. “Yes, thank God finally, it’s here. A beer gut emoji has arrived,” he mocked.

The “pregnant man” emoji does look like a man with a beer gut, but while Gutfield easily managed to raise a laugh at Apple’s wokeness there’s a serious underlying issue. Emojis are particularly popular with kids and young adults – and these emojis could help normalize extremist ideas like the belief some men can get pregnant. That just isn’t true, so why do we need an emoji for it unless the plan is to push this ideology even further into our lives.

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