Teachers Get Political

Teachers Get Political

(TargetLiberty.org) – The coronavirus pandemic has caused a huge disruption to education, with millions of kids out of school since March. With the US already struggling in global education league tables, we can’t afford much more of that. Children need to be back in school as soon as possible. Unfortunately, teachers’ unions are trying to hold our kids’ education hostage to a list of far-left demands.

On Monday, teachers across the country took part in what they called a “National Day of Resistance,” claiming they were fighting for “a safe and equitable school environment.” In fact, their demands were a list of far-left talking points that include police-free schools, a ban on charter schools or voucher schemes and a special tax on billionaires and Wall Street to pay for the reopening of schools.

In case anyone’s wondering why schools will cost so much to reopen, another item on their wish list is the cancellation of teachers’ rents and mortgages. Teachers and students also want comms companies to radically upgrade the speed of their internet connections and let them have it free.

The “Day of Resistance” is supported by Democratic Socialists of America and several other extreme-left groups. As the wishlist of demands shows, this protest has nothing to do with making schools safe — it’s just another excuse to force socialism on the US.

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