Tax Report Proves BLM Co-Founder Paid Family Outrageously High Sums for Menial Services

Tax Report Proves BLM Co-Founder Paid Family Outrageously High Sums for Menial Services

More Scandalous Details Emerge On BLM Founder’s Irresponsible Spending

( – In 2020, riots rocked the country. The murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer ripped the US apart. Instead of trying to bring the nation back together, Black Lives Matter (BLM) fanned the flames. As a result, more than $90 million flowed through the activist organization. Fanning the flames turned out to be incredibly profitable for BLM leaders.

Soon, rumors swirled about how the organization’s leaders were spending the money. The group’s leaders denied doing anything improper. A new bombshell report indicates the leaders might have been doing exactly that: using donations to live lavish lifestyles.

Massive Spending

According to a May 17 report by the New York Post, the public tax filings show BLM owns luxury properties in Toronto and Los Angeles. In Canada, a non-profit named M4BJ bought a 10,000-square-foot property in downtown Toronto.

The purchase set the organization back $6.3 million. The Post stated the purchase was part of an $8-million grant to “educate and support black communities” and to “purchase and renovate” properties for charitable use. It’s unclear where the other $1.7 million went. BLM claimed it was going to use the property as the main office for the Canadian branch of the organization.

The Toronto property wasn’t the only one purchased by the organization.

The tax filing also shows BLM bought a $6-million mansion in Studio City, a suburb of Los Angeles. It includes a swimming pool, six bedrooms and a soundstage. Patrisse Cullors, a co-founder of the organization, has thrown personal parties at the compound.

In addition to the properties, Cullors used more than $800,000 to enrich her brother. She claimed he provided “security services” for the organization. However, the Post reports Paul Cullors mostly worked as a graffiti artist. At the same time, he was receiving the money for security services he was named as a “visiting artist” at an art collective known as Crenshaw Dairy Mart.

By the end of 2020, when BLM was making millions, Paul Cullors bought a suburban LA home for more than $600,000. He registered his alleged security firm, Cullors Protection LLC, at the home.

“White Guilt Money”

On Monday, May 16, the BLM co-founder claimed she made mistakes when she was in charge of the organization in 2020. Claiming that when “white guilt money” started pouring into BLM there was no infrastructure to handle it. Now, she claims her mistakes are being “weaponized” against her.

As for the mega-mansion in LA, she called it “an investment” for BLM that serves as a safe place for the organization’s activities. Are you buying her excuses?

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