Taliban Threatens US Troops

Joe Biden Gets Threat From Taliban

(TargetLiberty.org) – The deadline for US forces to leave Afghanistan has passed – and, thanks to President Biden, we’re now violating the deal his predecessor negotiated with the Taliban. The extremist group isn’t taking it well, and US troops could be the victims.

Under a deal negotiated by President Trump last year, US forces were supposed to have completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan by May 1 – last Saturday. However, following last November’s election, Joe Biden backed away from that agreement. Last month, he announced the withdrawal would start on May 1 and be completed by September 11, but he didn’t bother to ask the Taliban how they felt about that. Now we know.

On Saturday, Taliban spokesman Zabinullah Mujahid tweeted, “this violation in principle has opened the way for Mujahidin to take every counteraction it deems appropriate” against US forces. So far there are no reports of new attacks on American soldiers – but September is a long way off.

The choice of September 11 as the new withdrawal date doesn’t seem like a coincidence. Someone probably likes the symbolism of it – but they’re risking American blood by using a worthless gesture.

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