Taliban Officials Want US to Release Frozen Assets

Taliban Officials Want US to Release Frozen Assets

(TargetLiberty.org) – The Taliban sheltered Osama bin Laden, killed or wounded more than 20,000 US troops, inflicted a reign of terror on Afghanistan and set women’s rights back to the Dark Ages. Now they’re asking the US to give them almost $10 billion that belonged to the government they overthrew.

When the Taliban seized power from the Afghan government on August 15, the US immediately froze $9.5 billion in assets that belonged to the country’s central bank. Most of those assets were invested in the US Federal Reserve system and the rest were held by other US banks.

The US doesn’t want to hand money to a group the US was fighting until August, and that overthrew an elected government we supported, but the Taliban claim they’re now Afghanistan’s legitimate government. Now, they say the money is needed to stave off a financial catastrophe; Afghan banks are running out of cash, and because international aid stopped when the legitimate government fell, there are serious food shortages.

On December 12, Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Muttaqi told the press the extremist group has no ill will towards the US and wants good relations with all countries. He defended their appalling treatment of women, saying they’ve “made progress.” Muttaqi even called the US “a great and big nation” and begged America to have patience with the Taliban.

If a senior Taliban leader is willing to say things like that about the US, the Islamist regime must be really desperate for money. If President Biden has the sense to use it, those bank assets could be a powerful lever to use against the fanatics in Kabul.

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