Taliban Issues Warning to EU, US – Migrant Wave May Be Coming

Taliban Issues Warning to EU, US - Migrant Wave May Be Coming

(TargetLiberty.org) – While the Taliban officially stepped into power in Afghanistan during the August capture of Kabul, they seem to have no interest in departing the global political stage. In fact, a recent report suggests their leaders fully intend to exert their power on other countries by any means necessary — including, possible threats and manipulation.

Using Migrants to Apply Pressure

A Taliban official allegedly issued a strong warning to the US government this week: drop harsh sanctions against Afghanistan, or face a lengthy and protracted migrant wave.

The shocking warning came from acting foreign minister Amir Khan Muttaqi during talks with world leaders in Doha, Qatar, earlier this week. Muttaqi claims ongoing sanctions sap strength from the newborn Afghan-Taliban government, prompting citizens to flee the region to seek asylum in either the EU or the US.

Muttaqi also told officials that failure to relieve the restrictions will negatively impact global security. However, the minister’s meaning wasn’t exactly clear. Is it a friendly warning, or a promise?

Unclear Consequences

A wave of illegal immigrants coming from a region well-known for terrorism certainly would put pressure on national security efforts here on home soil. Furthermore, the timing couldn’t be worse: Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents already face one of the worst border crises in history.

But Muttaqi’s warning still isn’t as clear-cut as the minister makes it sound. Truthfully, the entity that suffers the most from ongoing sanctions isn’t the US, or even the EU — it’s Afghanistan and its people.

The Center for International Studies (CSIS) published an article back in late September condemning sanctions for interfering with ongoing humanitarian aid efforts in Afghanistan. It warned of rapidly worsening conditions, widespread poverty, and Taliban-led killings of both aid workers and everyday citizens.

The sanctions also deeply impact Afghanistan’s bottom line, mostly by making it harder to transfer funds within the country and around the globe. Officials originally hoped to stem the flow of money to Taliban forces when they imposed the sanctions. Now, Afghan banks are out of money and civil servants haven’t been paid.

When access to money is taken away, a country’s economy all but disintegrates. Society is often next on the list. But does it then follow that Afghans will begin to flood the United States or countries that fall within the EU? That’s a tough question to answer.

Terrorist Cells Already Present in Latin America

The idea of everyday Afghans somehow flooding America’s borders might seem absurd when one considers how far away they are from the US. After all, they’d have to travel here first either by boat or by plane. Shouldn’t that make it exceptionally difficult to infiltrate the US?

Not necessarily. There’s evidence of Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah members hiding among migrant caravans in an effort to enter the US stretching back as far as 2005. US Border Patrol agents also arrested two known terrorists from Yemen back in April. Both were attempting to enter the country illegally.

The 2005 report also claims the aforementioned terrorist groups maintain small cells of operatives throughout Latin America. It isn’t a stretch to envision how terrorist organizations might use people who actually need asylum to filter members into the US.

All in all, the current situation amounts to a very intricate and delicate ticking time bomb. Taking away sanctions could effectively blow the doors open for unknown entities to directly fund the Taliban under the guise of “aiding” the newly-formed government. Yet, on the flip side, failing to remove the sanctions could, in fact, prompt a wave of migrants — some of whom just might not be innocent.

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