Taliban Forces Raid ISIS Compound As Conflict in Afghanistan Mounts

Taliban Forces Raid Possible ISIS Compound As Conflict in Afghanistan Mounts

(TargetLiberty.org) – Afghanistan is continuing to spiral into violence after the disastrous withdrawal of US troops at the end of August. Now, the Taliban is fighting to tighten its grip on power against the threat of even more extreme groups.

On October 3, a bomb attack on a Kabul mosque killed five mourners commemorating the mother of senior Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid. This comes amid concerns about other terror groups rising up while the Taliban regime is in power. Although the terrorist regime is the dominant force in Afghanistan, there are many other armed groups. While some – like the Haqqani Network and al-Qaeda – are allied with the Taliban, others would prefer to run the country themselves. The most extreme and dangerous of those groups is ISIS-K, the “Islamic State in Khorasan Province,” and they’re the leading suspects in the mosque bombing.

Within hours of the attack, Taliban forces attacked a compound occupied by ISIS-K terrorists in a northern Kabul suburb. Several ISIS-K members in the compound died in the raid, although there are no details on exact numbers or whether any of the group’s leaders were among the dead. The Taliban will have to fight to hold on to Afghanistan. What’s worse is that, once again, terrorist groups see the country as a base they can operate in – and from.

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