T-Mobile Confirms Massive Cyberattack

T-Mobile Confirms Massive Cyberattack

(TargetLiberty.org) – T-Mobile has confirmed online rumors of a huge data breach affecting millions of its customers. The mobile company says it’s working to help everyone affected. It’s especially worrying for those customers, because the hacker who stole the data is trying to sell it.

On August 17, T-Mobile admitted that a hacker who claimed to have stolen millions of customer records from its databases was telling the truth — at least in part. While the hacker initially claimed they stole data from 100 million customers, the company said the attacker collected the records of almost eight million current customers, plus over 40 million previous or potential users. On Friday, they confirmed that the data from an additional 6 million customers had been compromised. Stolen data includes names, dates of birth, Social Security numbers and driver’s license details – enough to put victims at risk of identity theft or fraud.

T-Mobile says some key information wasn’t hacked, namely phone numbers, PINs, passwords and financial data. One exception is customers on a prepaid service, whose PINs were compromised. The company says it’s already reset all those PINs and will be notifying customers of the change.

Rumors of the hack started circulating last week, but took T-Mobile several days to confirm it. Now they say they’ve located the security hole and fixed it. The company also plans to give affected customers two years of free identity protection service. Hopefully, that will be enough to avoid further damage.

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