Supreme Court Sides With Republicans in Big Case

Supreme Court Sides With Republicans in Big Case

( – Democrat attempts to redraw congressional district maps in their favor have suffered a major setback, after the Supreme Court sided with Republicans to block the latest gerrymandering attempt. It’s the second time this year the Court has stopped Democrats from adopting racist redistricting maps.

Recently, the Wisconsin Supreme Court approved a redistricting map drawn up by Governor Tony Evers (D) which creates a new, black-majority congressional district. Wisconsin Democrats argued – and the state court agreed – the Voting Rights Act (VRA) required them to add another black-dominated district. Republicans disagreed, though, and asked the Supreme Court for an emergency ruling.

On March 23, the US Supreme Court heard the case, and the emergency ruling was delivered. With two liberal justices dissenting, the Court ruled the Wisconsin court had “committed legal error” and violated the Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection.

Now, the Wisconsin Supreme Court has to approve a new redistricting map, and they have a few options – the one just blocked, or one of several alternatives drawn up by the GOP-dominated state legislature. The US Supreme Court says the state court can reconsider the governor’s map if they want, but warned “Any new analysis… must comply with our equal protection jurisprudence.” Evers’ map has already failed the test once; now Wisconsin Republicans have an excellent chance of getting their map approved.

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