Supreme Court Reviews Important Case

Supreme Court to Review Important Case

( – There could be changes coming for the 1965 Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court heard two Arizona cases related to November’s election. If the court upholds disputed rules introduced by Arizona Republicans, it could be a huge setback to the Democrat vote-harvesting machine.

On March 2, the Supreme Court reviewed two Democrat challenges to Arizona electoral rules. Since 2016, Dems have been trying to overthrow the state’s bans on voting in the wrong precinct and ballot-harvesting by party workers. Democrats say the bans discriminate on the grounds of race; Republicans say they make sure ballots are tamper-proof.

The Arizona GOP argues that the state’s laws apply equally to all races and don’t deny anyone the opportunity to vote. Contrarily, the DNC argues that the ballot-harvesting ban is discriminatory because minorities have decreased access to reliable mail services.

Now, the Supreme Court could respond by setting concrete tests for racial discrimination. That would be very bad news for the Democrats because it’s easy to claim racial bias in voting laws – but much harder to prove it.

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