Supreme Court Leaker’s Identity Still Unknown Months Later

Supreme Court Leaker's Identity Still Unknown 4 Months Later

Probe Underway For SCOTUS Leaker HEATS UP – Will Their Identity Be Revealed?

( – Four months after someone leaked a confidential Supreme Court draft to the media, investigators are no closer to finding out who did it. The unauthorized release kicked off a political firestorm and exposed justices to angry left-wing mobs. But will we ever know who was responsible?

On May 2, online news site Politico published a draft Supreme Court opinion that suggested the landmark Roe v. Wade abortion law could be overturned. The news instantly sparked angry protests from abortion advocates, with mobs gathering outside the homes of the six conservative justices. One extremist was arrested after plotting to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The leak overturned a centuries-old tradition of Supreme Court confidentiality leading Chief Justice John Roberts to quickly launch a probe to find the culprit.

Four months into the investigation, there’s still no clue who stole the draft and sent it to Politico — and Liberals are arguing there’s no need to keep looking. Former law professor Carolyn Shapiro claims this was an “extraordinary” case, and there’s no risk of it happening again. Others argue that leaking Supreme Court documents might not even be a crime. However, Conservatives argue if whoever divulged the Roe v. Wade draft opinion gets away with it, there’s nothing to stop it from happening again.

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