Supreme Court Hears First Gun Rights Case in 10 Years

Supreme Court Hears First Gun Rights Case in 10 Years

The US Supreme court heard arguments on Monday from gun rights groups challenging a controversial law in New York City. The law only allows licensed gun owners to carry a locked and unloaded handgun to shooting ranges or a second home outside city limits.

Second Amendment advocates are hoping that the court will extend its last ruling on gun rights from 2010 that gave the right to have a gun for self-defense inside of a person’s home.

The Supreme Court decided in January 2019 to hear the case. Gun control advocates in New York City tried to prevent the case from going to the Supreme Court by changing regulations to allow owners to transport weapons outside of New York’s boroughs. The state stepped in and passed legislation barring cities from imposing those new restrictions.

Chief Counsel and Vice President of Brady’s Legal Alliance, Jonathan Lowy, said, “There is no case or controversy because New York City has repealed the ordinance and the New York State Legislature has acted to make sure it remains repealed.”

Three New York residents represented in the case feel that this piece of legislation violates the Second Amendment. The court is expected to issue its decision in June 2020.

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