Students Sue School Over Gun Shirt

Students Sue School Over Gun Shirt

( – Robert Newhouse and a classmate are suing their Wisconsin high school for violating their First Amendment rights.

According to Robert, the trouble began when he wore a shirt that had a gun on the front with the words “pew professional” written on it. The school’s administration told him the shirt violates their dress code. Another student had a shirt on with the logo for gun rights group Wisconsin Carry, Inc and he was also reprimanded.

Robert said the rule isn’t fair. He’s just wearing a shirt and expressing his belief that everyone has a right to bear arms. He said he thinks the school is targeting him because of his political views and hopes he will be allowed to wear the shirt again. Kimberly Newhouse, his mother, said the entire saga is very upsetting because her son’s shirt wasn’t violent, it merely had a drawing of a gun on it.

The school is not commenting on the lawsuit.

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