Steven Crowder Responds After State Senate Hearings

Steven Crowder Responds After State Senate Hearings

( – Political commentator Steven Crowder weighed into the post-election debate on Monday, pulling together the most shocking evidence of fraud that’s been shown to state senate oversight committees. The video clips he shared blow huge holes in some of the stories we heard after the election, and put the results in serious doubt.

The main focus of Crowder’s justifiable outrage was Fulton County, Georgia, where officials claimed on election night that a burst water pipe forced them to stop counting and send observers home. In fact, video from four separate cameras in the arena shows observers leaving – then, after a brief pause, workers resume counting, and pull previously hidden boxes of ballots from under a table. Coincidentally, when counting officially resumed there was a sudden huge spike in votes for Biden.

Another video clip, shot by an election worker who freely admitted that she “took off for ten days” because she didn’t want to work, shows a tray of mail-in ballots with no return addresses, which she says she has to “fill out.”

Crowder also covered the Dominion voting machine scandal, where a Michigan judge ruled Sunday that 22 suspect machines should be forensically examined, and showed evidence that in counties where Dominion machines were used, Biden got an average of 78% of the vote – compared with just 45% in counties that used other machines.

The five weeks since the election have seen endless arguments in the media, and Biden prematurely putting together an administration. But now evidence that something went very wrong on November 3 is starting to trickle out, if people are willing to look.

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