Statue Madness Goes Off the Rails

Statue Madness Goes Off the Rails

( – It’s just about possible to understand why left-wing rioters don’t like statues of Confederate generals. You can even see why they might object to the founding fathers who created this nation – after all, some of them were unrepentant slave owners. Most Americans would disagree with their opinions, but at least you can see why they dislike those statues.

But what has King Louis XVI of France done to them?

Louisville, KY – which is named after the 18th-century French monarch, in honor of the help he gave the colonists during the War of Independence – has just removed a statue of him because of “public safety concerns.” The nine-ton marble statue, a gift from France, has stood in Jefferson Square Park since 1967. Recently, it’s been repeatedly targeted by left-wing rioters. One hand and other parts of the statue have been broken off and it’s splattered with paintballs.

Now the city’s mayor says he’s worried that attacks on the statue could injure people in the area, and it’s been removed for a “conservation assessment.” Will it ever return to the spot where it stood for over 50 years? It seems unlikely.

It seems that statues are only allowed in today’s US if they depict black people or left-wing revolutionaries.

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