State Sued For Violating “Liberties”

( – It seems as if there’s no end to the controversy surrounding COVID-19 mandates. This time, attorney Lindy Urso is suing Governor Ned Lamont (D-CT) over a recent order forcing citizens to wear face masks when they can’t maintain social distancing.

Urso believes the order is unconstitutional, citing government overreach and “ever-increasing encroachments” on personal rights and freedoms. He does not believe masks should be mandatory and is adamantly against being forced to wear them.

The criminal defense attorney also has a long and colorful history of opposing mandatory public health orders, including vaccinations for school-age children. A recent Washington Times report also highlighted his disbelief in mainstream media reports and lack of trust for the government’s ability to track the virus. Urso believes COVID-19 statistics have been “artificially inflated” to instill fear in Americans.

Governor Lamont’s office quickly responded to the lawsuit with a press release stating the executive order is a precaution to curb the spread of the virus. They also released their own updated COVID-19 statistics online.

Here are the updated statistics as of Sunday, April 19, 2020:

Source: The Office of Governor Ned Lamont

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