State Requests Hold On Major Court Ruling

State Asks Supreme Court to Put Hold on Ruling

( – Tennessee has asked the Supreme Court to stay a ruling that strikes down the state’s mandatory waiting period for abortions. It’s a bold attempt by the state to short-circuit an appeals process that’s being dragged out by pro-abortion groups.

For five years, Tennessee has had a mandatory two-day waiting period for women who want abortions. The state says the law gives women time to properly consider the implications of terminating a pregnancy. Liberals claim that having to wait a whole 48 hours imposes unconstitutional “logistical, financial and medical hurdles.”

Last October, a district court ruled in favor of three TN pro-abortion groups, ruling the waiting period violates the Constitution. Now the state has hit back, asking the Supreme Court to lift the district court ruling while its appeal works its way through the system.

On April 6, Justice Brett Kavanaugh asked the litigants to reply to Tennessee’s emergency request by April 15. If they don’t have a good enough answer, the waiting period could be reimposed while the appeals process plays out.

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