State Department Precedent Qualifies This Election as Rigged (REPORT)

State Department Precedent Qualifies This Election as Rigged (REPORT)

( – A State Department report from 2004 concluded that the Ukrainian presidential election that year was “rigged.” President George W Bush expressed his concerns with the legitimacy of the voting process. Secretary of State Colin Powell announced that the flawed election “could not be accepted as legitimate” by the US.

Opposition election observers were frequently ejected from polling stations in Ukraine. Computer records were altered to favor Russian puppet Viktor Yanukovych.

All this criticism was sparked by broken rules, flawed voting and suspiciously high turnouts – and exactly the same criticisms have been aimed at last week’s US election.

In 2004, widespread fraud in the US was committed through illegal use of absentee ballots. Some voters were caught with multiple forms, making their way around polling stations to vote several times. There were reports last week of people going to vote, then being told they had already voted by mail. Republican observers had to resort to the courts to be allowed within 25 feet of the counts last week.

Turnouts were suspiciously high. Last week, the turnout in Wisconsin – and possibly other battleground states – was at least 20% higher than previous records.

An announced Democrat win in one Michigan county flipped back to red after a “computer error” that awarded 6,000 Trump votes to Biden was discovered.

Of course, none of this is proof that last week’s elections were as systematically rigged to ensure a Biden win – but, at this point, it’s not looking good.

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