State Approves Violating Personal Privacy Rights

State Approves Violating Personal Privacy Rights

( – Drivers in Seattle and other Washington cities face a new threat to their constitutional rights. The state may soon allow red-light traffic cameras to catch motorists violating the law in new and unexpected ways.

Washington State Legislature recently approved a bill allowing authorities to use traffic cameras for new violations. Seattle, for example, already uses these cameras to catch drivers who go through red lights and speed in school zones. With the passage of the new bill, they could also ticket drivers for blocking crosswalks and bus-only lanes.

Traffic cameras have been the subject of much debate, with some people arguing that they’re unconstitutional and violate the Sixth Amendment. The Confrontation Clause guarantees that anyone charged with a crime has the right to confront the witnesses against them.

However, with speed and red-light cameras, that’s impossible because the “witness” is an inanimate object.

For this reason, traffic cameras usually result in nothing more than civil fines. Although you have the right to appeal the ticket, most drivers who have been fined will never see their day in court.

Many states, such as Texas, agree that these cameras infringe on our Constitutional rights and have passed legislation to ban them.

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