State Agency’s Outrageous Mask Policy – You Won’t Believe This One!

State Agency's Outrageous Mask Policy - You Won't Believe This One!

( – Mask mandates are proving controversial across the country. Many people are unsure about either the science or the civil liberties implications of the government telling us what to wear in public. Wisconsin’s Department of Natural Resources is taking things to a whole new level, though. They’ve now ordered their staff to mask up when taking part in Zoom video meetings – even if they’re at home alone.

In a July 31 email that recently leaked, DNR Secretary Preston Cole told staff they must wear masks, “even if at home,” when they participate in a virtual meeting such as Zoom or another video-conferencing platform that involves “being seen by non-DNR staff.”

Cole, appointed by Wisconsin’s last Democrat governor, doesn’t actually believe the Chinese coronavirus can crawl down a phone line and infect someone sitting at a screen miles away, but he does want staff to “set an example.” Epidemiologist Nasia Safdar of the University of Wisconsin said “that doesn’t seem to be a good reason to wear [a mask].”

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