Squirrel Packs Man’s Truck With Walnuts

Man Shocked When Squirrel Packs His Truck With Walnuts

(TargetLiberty.org) – A North Dakota man is being driven nuts — walnuts to be precise — by the neighborhood wildlife. A local squirrel seems determined to spend the winter in his truck, and it’s laying in food supplies on an epic scale.

Fargo, ND resident Bill Fischer came back from a four-day work trip last week and found his Chevy Avalanche, which he’d left parked outside his house, had been taken over by the hard-working rodent. The vehicle had been stuffed with black walnuts – and they weren’t just piled in the truck bed. Everywhere it was possible to fit a walnut, one had been stuffed.

Fisher said, “I had to pull the fenders off to clean all the walnuts out.” He also had to go through the engine compartment, where the furry friend had stuffed more nuts. In the process, he filled seven six-gallon containers with the lime-size nuts. Finally, he thought he’d got them all, and set off in his truck. That’s when he “turned the corner and found one rolling down the windshield where the wipers go.”

Now Fischer has admitted defeat – some of the walnuts just aren’t coming out. The crafty creature has somehow jammed nuts into the frame rails where they are not easily accessible. Nobody can criticize the squirrel’s work ethic, but Fischer – and his long-suffering dog Ashur – wish it was just a little lazier.

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