Soldiers Charged After Agents Make Disturbing Discovery

Soldiers Charged After Investigators Make Disturbing Discovery

( – Two suspected human smugglers are facing charges in Texas this week after being caught trying to traffic immigrants across the US border. Shockingly, they’re both US Army soldiers – and they committed the alleged crime wearing our country’s uniform.

On June 15, the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Texas announced that Ralph Gregory Saint-Joie (US Army) and Emmanuel Oppongagyare (Pennsylvania Army National Guard), both stationed at Fort Hood, TX, were due to appear in a federal court on charges of human trafficking. Border Patrol (BP) and Homeland Security (DHS) allege that on June 13 the two were driving from Zapata, Mexico to San Antonio, TX, when they were stopped at a BP checkpoint in Hebbronville. The two were both in uniform and pretending to be on official business, but when suspicious BP agents investigated their vehicle, they found two Mexican immigrants hiding in the trunk.

Oppongagyare admitted to agents that he was paid $100 to pick up the immigrants and promised more money if he delivered them to San Antonio. People smuggling is always a serious crime, but what’s particularly horrific about this case is that two of the men we trust to defend our borders turned out to be willing to violate them for thirty pieces of silver.

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