“Social Shaming”: New RI Mayor Tactic

(TargetLiberty.org) – The mayor of a Rhode Island town appeared as a guest on a local radio show and made a shocking statement. Jorge Elorza, mayor of state capital Providence, was questioned by host Gene Valicenti regarding a new state law mandating face masks. Elorza called for residents to use “social shaming” to force compliance with this law, which goes into effect Friday.

The law, which governor Gina Raimondo passed by executive order on Tuesday, makes it compulsory for all Rhode Islanders to wear a mask if they go out in public. Elorza, a Democrat, told Valicenti the only way to get people to comply was to shame those who didn’t. Valicenti disagreed, warning, “You’re going to come across the wrong guy.”

Local media quickly picked up on Elorza’s comments, sparking a lively debate. Valicenti later advised his WPRO listeners, “Don’t shame anybody. Just mind your own business and keep going. That’s my advice.”

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