Sleepy Joe’s Colleague Appears to Be Completely Losing It

Sleepy Joe's Colleague Appears to Be Completely Losing It

( – Many people are worried, at 79, President Biden is past his prime. Now, it seems he may not be the only one. Colleagues are openly questioning whether a senior Democrat senator is fit to do her job.

On April 14, the San Francisco Chronicle reported several legislators and staffers had expressed concerns about the mental state of Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). She has been in politics for over 50 years and has represented California in the US Senate since 1992. Now, at 88 years old, colleagues are wondering if it’s time for her to go.

Recently, a fellow congressional Democrat tried to discuss policy with Feinstein – but was shocked by her condition. During an hours-long talk, they had to reintroduce themselves to her several times, after she forgot who they were. Instead of a detailed discussion, the anonymous legislator said, Feinstein stuck with small talk, repeating the same questions over and over.

Since then, the Chronicle has interviewed four senators, three of them Democrats, as well as several of Feinstein’s former staffers. All warned her memory is rapidly failing and she’s increasingly unable to do her job; her staff is picking up the slack. One Dem senator said “It’s bad, and it’s getting worse.” It’s also expected; at 88, few people are at their mental peak. But is this the government we deserve? Is it time to impose an age limit, or term limits, on legislators so we have a government that can actually do its job?

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