SHOCK! Joe Biden Is Not a Moderate

SHOCK! Joe Biden Is Not a Moderate

( – One of the appealing things about Joe Biden is that he’s billed as a “Moderate.” But is he really? His wife, Jill Biden, says her husband is neither left nor right. She claims he’s right in the middle. That’s not what his record shows, though.

One could argue the Democratic Party has shifted so far to the left that Biden looks more moderate by comparison. The current standard-bearer for the party is Bernie Sanders, an avowed Socialist. So far, Biden hasn’t admitted that he, too, is a Socialist, but he agrees with virtually all of Bernie’s hard-left agenda.

When Biden and Sanders released their joint 110-page progressive wish list in July, it was far from moderate. Bernie told NPR the former VP had moved significantly to the left on many issues, including education, taxes, criminal justice, the economy, immigration, climate and healthcare. If Biden were ever a Moderate, he’s certainly not one now.

Where’s the Money Going to Come From?

The Democratic presidential candidate also has a devil-may-care attitude about deficits. He puts other big-spending Liberals to shame with his policy proposals. Not only that, he’ll have to raise taxes across the board to even begin to pay for all of it.

Just for starters, Biden wants to spend $6 trillion on new policies. He’s asking for:

  • $1.7 trillion for his climate plan
  • $1.3 trillion for infrastructure
  • $750 billion on healthcare
  • $750 billion to education programs
  • $750 billion for free two-year college
  • $640 billion to housing
  • $125 billion for the opioid crisis

He’s No Centrist

Joe Biden may want us to believe that he’s a harmless centrist, but the truth is he’s now running on the most progressive platform in American history. He’s no longer aligned with Barack Obama on most issues.

For example, Obama was against any sort of public option in healthcare. When he worked on the Affordable Care Act, he repeatedly spoke about the importance of keeping private coverage. Biden, on the other hand, wants a public option. He also supports giving government-funded healthcare to illegal aliens. Obama never came close to that.

Biden supports the ridiculous Green New Deal too. This far-left proposal not only costs trillions, but it also calls for the elimination of all fossil fuels. No other Democratic nominee has ever endorsed something so radical. But Biden did.

Bernie Sanders may not be on the ballot this fall, but his Socialist agenda certainly is in the forefront. Joe Biden has moved so far to the left that he makes Obama look Conservative, and that’s really saying something. If he were to somehow win in November, he’d be the most Liberal Democrat ever elected to the presidency.

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