Sheriffs Issue ‘No Confidence’ Declaration Against Mayorkas

Sheriffs Issue 'No Confidence' Declaration Against Mayorkas

( – A major law enforcement association has thrown down the gauntlet to the Biden administration, calling for a new Homeland Security secretary and demanding an end to policies that have turned our southern border into “an invisible line in the sand.”

On November 17, the Western States Sheriffs’ Association (WSSA) declared it has lost all confidence in Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to do his job. The association represents sheriffs in 17 states including California, Arizona and New Mexico.

The hard-hitting statement says “America’s Sheriffs have watched in disbelief” as security at the southern border has collapsed, Border Patrol agents were blocked from doing their jobs, and illegal immigrants and lethal drugs are flooding into the country. The WSSA pointed out that fentanyl, most of it made in Mexico and smuggled across the border, has killed more Americans in the last 20 months than COVID-19 – but the administration isn’t doing anything about it.

WSSA asked for a new Homeland Security chief who “recognizes, respects and will enforce the rule of law” to protect the nation. They urged Biden to act immediately, calling the situation a national security matter. Will their statement get a response? The administration has been paralyzed on border security since January; now sheriffs are running out of patience.

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