Shady Republican Has Ties To Who?

Photo by Samuel Schroth on Unsplash

Rep. George Santos has recently faced a lot of criticism from those who have called for his resignation over the lies that he has told regarding his resume. A recent report by the Washington Post also shows that Santos potentially has business ties with the cousin of a sanctioned Russian oligarch. He also appears to have a connection to former Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

In a recent report, the Washington Post provided court documents and video footage from Zoom meetings in which Santos’ link to Andrew Intrater appears to have gone beyond the $5,800 Federal Election Commission threshold. According to the report Intrater and his wife had both been contributors to Santos’ campaign while also contributing thousands of dollars to committees that Santos has been a part of since 2020.

Santos is already under investigation over a potential campaign finance violation. The evidence provided by the Post regarding the connection between Santos and Itrater’s business since Santos entered politics in 2020 could add further to this case.

Intrarer is the cousin of Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian tycoon who has faced sanctions by the U.S. government following his support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Despite the fact that Intrater is a U.S. Citizen, his investment firm’s largest client is the Renova Group which is owned by his cousin.

Intrater is also connected to Cohen, as he was the attorney they hired as a fixer during the investigation carried out by special counsel Robert Mueller.