Several Prominent Democrats Oppose Biden’s Build Back Better Revival

Several Prominent Democrats Oppose Biden's Build Back Better Revival

( – President Biden’s flagship Build Back Better program is dead in the water. Now a Democrat senator has killed any hopes of reviving it. It’s looking increasingly unlikely Biden will manage to carry out any of his big-ticket policies in what’s left of his term.

Last December, Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) killed Biden’s hopes of passing the ambitious – and expensive – Build Back Better package when he walked away from months of negotiations over its eye-watering $4.5-trillion price tag. The president’s supporters hoped Manchin could still be persuaded to back a cut-down version of the bill, but now even that has hit a wall.

Manchin wasn’t the only Democrat with doubts about BBB; Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) also felt it was too big and too expensive. Now, Sinema is reportedly privately saying any revival of the bill, even in a scaled-back form, is “unlikely.” Journalist Hans Nichols says Sinema has moved on from the BBB debate and is focused on COVID-19 relief spending, legislation to protect our economy from China, and electoral reform.

BBB isn’t the only area where Sinema and Manchin have broken ranks with the administration. They’re both old-school centrist Democrats with nonpartisan voting records, and both have opposed increasing our already high corporate tax rates. Biden can’t count on all 50 of his senators voting for legislation just because it has his name on it. He needs to persuade them his agenda is the right one for America – and so far he’s failing.

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