Senator Under Investigation for Possible Election Misconduct

Senator Under Investigation for Possible Election Misconduct

( – The State of Georgia has become a hotbed of controversy in the wake of the highly-disputed 2020 presidential election. Donald Trump, lawyers working for his campaign, and a slew of independent attorneys filed several legal actions against the state, claiming widespread voting irregularities and election fraud.

As one might expect, Democrats, aided by the mainstream media, made a big fuss over the matter, but such is the way in politics. As it turns out, investigators working to determine if something rotten may have happened with statewide elections in Georgia after all.

Newly-Elected Senator and New Georgia Project Referred to Attorney General

Georgia’s State Election Board voted to refer freshman Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-GA) and the New Georgia Project (NGP) to the state attorney general’s office for further review and possible criminal prosecution.

NGP is supposedly a “nonpartisan” organization working to register voters and to “civically engage” Georgians — particularly people of color, young voters, and single women. At least, that’s what the website says. One has to wonder about the “nonpartisan” part considering failed Democratic candidate for Georgia Governor Stacey Abrams founded the group. There’s also the fact Warnock headed up the group for several years until he stepped down in January 2020.

More than 1,200 voter registration applications are alleged to have been delivered to election officials after the state’s 10-day deadline back in 2019, which is in violation of state election rules.

This isn’t the first time NGP has bumped heads with Georgia’s State Election Board. Board members referred another case to the attorney general’s office 3.5 years ago, alleging NGP contractors submitted incomplete forms with forged signatures. That case remains open. Additionally, last November, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger accused the group of sending voter registration forms to individuals living in New York City.

The ultimate fate of NGP and Warnock now rests in the able hands of Republican Attorney General Chris Carr’s office. If investigators find evidence against them, the group could face criminal prosecution.

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