Senator Slams Dems for Promoting Mob Violence

Senator Slams Dems for Promoting Mob Violence

( – On Thursday, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) gave an impassioned speech accusing Democratic senators of being on the side of violent protesters. He tried to introduce a resolution condemning mob violence, but the Dems blocked him.

Lee found himself in a heated debate over the resolution with Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), who essentially killed it. Menendez tried to add a line to Lee’s legislation, which specifically went after President Trump. He wanted it to say the president should never incite violence or legitimize hate-fueled acts.

Lee quickly shot him down, calling the objection to his resolution “insanity.” The Republican senator couldn’t understand how the Dems could not just agree that mob violence is bad. He said he designed the statement to be unifying. It never should’ve been controversial.

Lee told the Democratic senators they couldn’t oppose his resolution without being comfortable with “cruelty and intolerance and terror.” He pointed out violent protesters were not edgy or enlightened. Instead, he called them frauds and “phony drama addicts.”

Everything Always Comes Back to Racism

In typical leftist fashion, Menendez also had a problem with the language in the resolution, calling it white supremacist views. He was upset there was no mention of slavery.

The Republicans believe it’s important to go on the record condemning the mob mentality. Lee’s resolution explained how many Americans were upset about the looting and destruction of property that we have seen in recent weeks. It also condemned the bullying and rage expressed by the protesters.

Lee said they had shown their historical illiteracy and ignorance by destroying statues and memorials. He also noted an alleged plan to target the statue of Abraham Lincoln, which was financed in 1876 by freed slaves.

Lee’s document said property damage and physical assault were violent crimes that should be prosecuted.

There was nothing controversial in Lee’s resolution. It’s really remarkable that the Democrats couldn’t even admit that mob violence was bad. They’ve made it clear what side they’re on, and it’s clearly not with the American people.

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