Senator Reveals Extent Of Destruction By Hurricane — Town “No Longer Exists”

Rubio Discusses Extent of Hurricane Ian's Damage

Rubio Discusses Extent of Hurricane Ian’s Damage

( – As Florida began to clear up the wreckage left behind by Hurricane Ian, one of the state’s senators emphasized to reporters the full extent of the damage. The lethal storm has caused unprecedented destruction — one coastal town has been effectively destroyed.

On October 2, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) talked to reporters and said that Fort Myers “no longer exists” after being hit by the hurricane on September 28. The town’s historic pier and downtown area were totally destroyed by Category 4 winds and flooding. Rubio said it will need to be rebuilt, but will be “something different” because a “slice of old Florida” has been lost forever.

Rubio said the damage done to Florida by Ian has no comparison. FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell agreed, saying there’s “a lot of devastation.” The hurricane killed at least 101 people in the state, and many are still missing. Ian’s impact was heaviest in Lee County, where at least 54 people died.

On September 30, Rubio and Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) wrote to the Senate Appropriations Committee requesting federal disaster relief. However, Rubio also warned Congress not to load any legislation with spending not related to the storm, saying, “I will fight against it having pork in it.”

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