Senator Kennedy Says We Must Win War Against Putin “Militarily”

Senator Kennedy Says We Must Win War Against Putin

( – From the start of Russia’s invasion into Ukraine, President Joe Biden confirmed there would be no US troops on the ground fighting in the war. On March 15, Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) asserted America needs to win the war with Russia, and it must win “economically” and “militarily.” During the interview, he outlined how the US could send jets to Ukraine without involving US troops or provoking Russia but said Biden is too nervous about taking the necessary action.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) believes Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently struggling with the invasion. Kennedy stated countries in war have to strike when the enemy is down, and according to the Louisiana lawmaker, the US leader needs to “grow a backbone,” and Biden is a fool to let Putin continue to do “whatever he wants.”

While speaking to Congress on March 16, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy begged the US to give his country air cover. Although Biden is sending more money to help Ukraine, he backed out of the deal with Poland to supply the country with fighter jets to assist in the war.

About 75% of Americans want to help Ukraine but don’t want to risk a war with Russia. However, according to Kennedy, the US is already in the war, and he believes we can’t afford to lose.

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