Senator Followed Into Bathroom By Activists

Senator Followed Into Bathroom By Activists

( – In the latest sign of tensions within the American left, a Democrat senator has been confronted by radical activists over her moderate politics. The rift between traditional Democrats and the far-left activist base is growing wider, putting pressure on the administration to adopt more radical policies.

On October 3, pro-immigration activists posted a video to social media, showing a group following Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) into a restroom and harassing her over her opposition to President Biden’s massive spending plans. Sinema, along with Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), wants a more affordable spending package – but Biden’s $3.5-trillion “infrastructure” package also includes an amnesty for many illegal immigrants, which is what the activists were most focused on.

So, while Sinema was teaching social policy at Arizona State University on Sunday, they pursued her, threatening to “get [her] out of office” if she didn’t deliver what they wanted.

On Monday, Sinema blasted the conduct of the activists who disrupted her class and followed her as “unacceptable.” However, President Biden dismissed this harassment of a senior politician as “part of the process.”

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