Senate Republicans Rage Over Trump

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

( – A new Fox News survey showed that former President Trump is leading against Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by 15 points among Republican primary voters. This has caused worries for those Senate Republicans who don’t believe that Trump would be able to win in the general election.

The closer the 2024 presidential election gets Senate Republicans may not have another choice but to endorse Trump in his goal to regain the White House in 2024.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and other Republicans placed a lot of the blame for the underwhelming results of the 2022 midterm elections on former President Trump backing candidates who were unable to win in their general election. Many even considered this to be the incident that would keep Trump from placing a bid on the White House again.

However, McConnell had privately told some of his Senate GOP colleagues that he believed that Trump’s political power would be reduced the longer he spent outside the White House. However, the Fox News poll showed that among 1,006 registered primary voters across the nation, Trump was clearly leading against Florida Gov. DeSantis by 15 points. Forty-three percent of respondents supported Trump, while only 28 percent supported DeSantis in a hypothetical GOP primary matchup between the two.

Republican strategists have pointed to the poll to show that Trump’s influence with Republican voters is still strong. They further warn those who have been overly critical of Trump following his 2020 election loss, to reconsider what Trump’s chances are at becoming the Republican nominee.

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